Spanish spreadable creams for breakfast

We manufacture a wide range of spreadable creams for breakfast, snacks and appetizers with our own recipes and top quality raw materials with the brand Jerecitos.

Advantages of aluminum monodose:

  • The container and lid are 100% recyclable aluminum helping to improve the environment.
  • The product is vacuum sealed and sterilized.
  • Due to their size they are easy to store and transport.
  • They do not need cold for their conservation, just store in a cool and dry place.
  • The expiration date of spreadable creams is 24 months.
  • Unlike larger containers, it allows dosed use without wasting the rest of the product.
  • The largest containers lose properties as they are opened and closed. The monodose retain all their properties as the first day.
  • Very low cost per unit
  • Gluten-free

This sales packaging is perfect for home, food store, supermarkets, coffee shop, buffets, hospitals and schools.

Delicious taste and it’s always a good choice our spreadable creams.

Open, spread and enjoy with spreadable creams of Jerecitos.

Spanish spreadable creams of meat

monodosis paté ibérico jerecitos

Iberian Pork Liver Pate

The Iberian pork liver pate is an spanish artisan product of great quality and a refined and characteristic flavor.

No. 1 in sales.

The Iberian pate Jerecitos has a creamy texture perfect to enjoy with a toast. This pate is made with the meat from Iberian pork and pork liver of top quality Iberian pigs, raised in the natural steppes.

Monodose of 23g


  • Iberian pork liver pate with Pedro Ximenez wine (natural sweet wine)
  • Iberian pork liver pate with Cracked Black Pepper
  • Iberian pork liver pate with aromatic herbs
monodosis crema york Jerecitos

Cooked Ham

In Spain it is known as «York Ham».

Is made with fully cooked ham and is one of the most consumed products for breakfast every day in Spain.

No. 2 in sales.

Very great taste and texture.

Monodose of 23g


  • Cooked ham & Cheese
monodosis jamón Jerecitos

Cured Ham

All the flavor of iberian pork ham in a soft spreadable cream.

A simple and economical way to enjoy the flavor of Iberian ham from Spain.

Monodose of 23g

crema de pavo jerecitos

Turkey Ham

Turkey ham is one of the most used products in food diets. The reason is that it is a meat rich in proteins of high biological value and B vitamins, it contains few calories, little fat and low cholesterol.

This turkey meat is perfect for toast or school sandwiches with its great taste everyone will enjoy.

Monodose of 23g

Spanish spreadable fish cream

paté de atún jerecitos

Tuna Cream

Soft cream made with top quality tuna to spread on appetizers and canapés.

And for the youngest children, a delicious way to eat fish for breakfast or as a snack.

Monodose of 23g

Spanish spreadable tomato creams

tomate natural triturado jerecitos

Crushed tomato

Natural tomato from Spain, washed, industrial crusher, packaged and sterilized. So simple and so natural.

A healthy product to add to toasts and sandwiches.

Monodose of 23g


  • Tomato, extra virgin olive oil and garlic
  • Tomato and extra virgin olive oil

Spanish spreadable cheese creams

monodosis crema de queso Jerecitos

Cheese Cream

Made with premium cheese and milk for an extra creamy, can add to any meal. Is easy to spread, making it the perfect choice for adding to your morning bagel, crafting sushi rolls or preparing pinwheel sandwiches.

Monodose of 23g


  • Blue Cheese
  • Special sheep cheese cream
  • Cooked ham & Cheese

Spanish spreadable natural honey

monodosis miel de flores Jerecitos

Natural Honey

Honey from Spanish farm, 100% natural.

Soft and sweet honey from bees.

Monodose of 17g

Spanish spreadable jams

mermelada melocoton jerecitos 2monod 900px

Peach jam

Jerecitos Peach jam have a sweet, juicy quality that the whole family will enjoy. Made with large pieces of peaches crushed.

Try these golden-hued, fruity preserves on toast, or pair them with creamy cheeses and crisp crackers for a satisfying snack.

Monodose of 17g

mini mermelada de fresa Jerecitos

Strawberry jam

We make this jam with ripe strawberry for more flavor and sweetness, this tasty jam could be used for almost anything.

Make a balsamic vinaigrette, pair it with chocolate, or add a heaping dollop to your morning oatmeal.

This jam is also great to spread on English muffins, scones, or a classic PB and J sandwich.

Monodose of 17g

Spanish Olive Oil

aceite oliva virgen extra 14 ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Jerecitos olive oil it comes from the olive fields of Andalusia, España, where the best oil in the world is made. The oil is extracted mechanically and cold to preserve all its flavor.

Is the perfect ingredient to enjoy the healthy benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Monodose of 14ml

Sales packaging in cardboard box closed of 296 units.

Quality and safety

sello safe product

Manufacturing process

All the products are packaged in an automatic machine, the lid is placed by heat sealing and then the product is sterilized in an autoclave process using hot water and atmospheric pressure.

In this way the product is free of any bacteria that could have our spreadable creams

The manufacturing process is carried out with the ISO-9001 quality standard.


monodose Strawberry jam Jerecitos

100% Recyclable Aluminum

The container and lid are made of aluminium. Preserving the spreadable creams in perfect condition until it is opened.


bandeja monodosis Jerecitos

Cardboard Box Closed

Cardboard box closed to store the spreadable creams easily and safely.


75 units for honey and jams.

45 units for the rest of the products.

Weight: 1.300g

bandeja abierta monodosis jerecitos

Cardboard Tray

Cardboard tray protected with plastic to give more visibility to the spreadable creams in supermarkets and food stores.


75 units for honey and jams.

45 units for the rest of the products.

Weight: 1.300g

tomate natural triturado jerecitos bandeja abierta

Mini Cardboard Tray

Cardboard tray protected with plastic to give more visibility to the spreadable creams in supermarkets and food stores.


36 units for honey and jams.

18 units for the rest of the products.

Weight: 500g


caja almacenamiento monodosis

Storage Box

Cardboard box closed and sealed.


15 units of cardboard box closed.

15 units of cardboard tray.

36 units of mini cardboard tray.

Weight: 19,5Kg

palé con cajas de monodosis


European pallet (L120xW80xH120cm) containing 18 storage boxes. (3×6)

Protected with plastic and covered corners.

Weight: 370Kg approx.

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